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3 Great Reasons to Visit Mammoth Cave National Park During Winter

Millions of people visit Mammoth Cave National Park each year, with the vast majority flocking to the park during summer. In this article, however, we're going to let you in on a little secret: Winter may be one of the best times to visit Mammoth Cave. Here are 3 really great reasons to visit Mammoth Cave National Park during winter.

High-resolution image of a snowflake

1. Winter Scenery

Yes, Mammoth Cave National Park is a sight to behold at almost any time of the year.  Most people, however, only take in the park's natural beauty during spring, summer and fall.  Without taking in the beauty of winter at the park, one cannot truly say that he's experienced the park in all that she has to offer. 

The beauty of winter bears no likeness to the warmer months.  It's a frozen paradise that makes the park feel new, even to the most acquainted of visitors.  As this featured article on the National Park Service website so beautifully puts it, "Serenity. Solitude. Sensational. These are words that aptly describe wintertime at Mammoth Cave National Park."

Couldn't agree more.  :)


Deer standing in front of a frozen forest scene.

2. Winter Wildlife

Accompanying the change of scenery brought on by the weather is the winter wildlife that you may glimpse while on your winter wonderland adventure.  To be fair, the variety of wildlife at Mammoth Cave National Park is fairly consistent year 'round.  Less foliage and winter behavioral patterns, however, just may make our furry and feathered friends a little more visible.  

A number of visitors have made mention of seeing deer and wild turkey while driving through Mammoth Cave National Park during the winter months.  And while these animals are commonly seen at other times of the year as well, there's just something magnificent about seeing them positioned in front of winter's beauty.  It's almost like seeing them for the very first time.  


Picture of Mammoth Cave tour

 3. [Lack of] Winter Crowds

One of the great things about visiting Mammoth Cave National Park during winter is the fact that there are fewer people.  Imagine nearly having the park all to yourself.  No lines at the ticket counter, plenty of elbow room in the gift shop and tour guides who have the time and focus to answer all your questions.  This isn't far from reality when visiting Mammoth Cave National Park during winter.

Although not directly related to the tours and other attractions at the park being less crowded, I just have to throw in the fact that winter is one of the seasons when it's actually warmer inside the cave than outdoors.  According to most sources, Mammoth Cave maintains an average indoor temperature of 54 degrees Fahrenheit.  That feels just about right when outdoor temperatures are dipping down into the 20s and 30s. 

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