2017 Holiday Home Away from Home

You're looking forward to visiting family in or around Leitchfield, KY, during the holiday season, but you'd also like to avoid those uncomfortable moments that can arise when staying with relatives. Book a room at the Hatfield Inn. Let us be your home away from home for the holidays.

Family gathered around Christmas tree.

According to a 2015 poll conducted by the Austin-based HomeAway, Inc., upwards of 80% of people planned on spending the holiday season with family.  A little over 50% of those people were actually excited about it.  :)  And why not?  Who doesn't like a little quality family time here and there? 

Staying at the Hatfield Inn during your holiday visit may be just what the doctor ordered.  You see, as great as catching up with family is, there's potentially a negative side as well.  Nearly two-thirds of poll respondents anticipated arguing with family over the holidays, while approximately one-third of those polled felt like their family overstayed their welcome.  Let's face it.  No family is perfect.  There are times when you just need a little personal space, a "home away from home" if you will. 

If you're planning to visit family in or around Leitchfield, KY, during the holiday season, make the Hatfield Inn your home away from home.  Our clean rooms, comfortable beds and friendly staff will help you make the most out of your holiday visit.  Spend all the time you like with friends and loved ones; come home to the privacy of your own room when you're done.  

Rooms have a tendency to fill up quickly around this time of the year.  Don't put off booking your room until the last minute.  Remember that awkward conversation with Aunt Ethel last holiday season?  You know, the one where she was asking about how your love life was going...?  Yeah, so do yourself a favor.   Pick up the phone, and reserve your stay at the Hatfield Inn.  You'll be glad you did.  Who knows?  Maybe your relatives will be, too.  :)