Hunting in 2017 can be a family tradition in Kentucky

Were you taught to hunt by a parent or grandparent? We cater to hunters who stay at The Hatfield Inn in Leitchfield, KY.

Hunting as a family

Hunting as a family

Hunters in Kentucky have hunted together for generations. Whether you learned from your mom or dad, grandmother or grandfather -- you learned to hunt. Sometimes it was for the pleasure of having a mount and sometimes it was to put food on the table. But whatever the reason, you hunted. We at The Hatfield Inn in Leitchfield have catered to hunters for years. When we have a number of hunters in the house, breakfast is out by 4:30 a.m., giving them a jump on the sun. Because of the abundance of deer, turkey and small game in our area of the state, we have hunters visit us from several surrounding states and they all say the same -- "They grow 'em bigger up here!"

A deer hunter with his kill

Bow season or gun season


Turkeys can be taken now with a regular bow, while crossbow season begins October 1 through October 22, returning November 11 through the end of the year. Shotgun season on turkeys is much shorter, running October 28-November 3 and December 2-8 only.


Deer can also be taken now with a regular bow. In Zone 2 (which Grayson County is in), crossbow season is also October 1-22, returning November 11 through the end of the year. Modern guns can be used November 11-26, while muzzleloaders can only be used October 21-22 and December 9-17. The youth-only hunt is October 14-15 and the youth-free hunt is December 30-31.

Elk and Bobcat:

This year, elk and bobcat are also available for the hunt. Check out all the rules for these hunts at the Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Website at Season dates and limits are posted here.

 Birds and Small Game:

Sometimes it may be best to start the kids out with birds and small game rather than the big stuff. But, however you choose to do it, let us at The Hatfield Inn help you do it in comfort.

Hunting at dawn

Beautiful country

There's no place more beautiful than Grayson County, KY (in my humble opinion), even if it is at dawn. Of course, a good night's sleep makes it easier (or a whole lot harder) to get up, get dressed and head out into the cold. Let me repeat -- The Hatfield Inn also offers their early breakfast a whole hour earlier when there are numerous hunters in the house. So, come to Grayson County to hunt, but stay at The Hatfield Inn for a wonderful stay while you're here.