Running from 2017 Hurricanes Harvey, Irma or Jose?

If the winds and rains have blown you as far north as southcentral Kentucky, stop in at The Hatfield Inn in Leitchfield and get 15% off your night's stay.

Blowing trees and rain during Irma

Hurricane Irma in Florida

Hurricanes in Texas and Florida have caused millions in damages in the past few weeks and several thousand families have had to be evacuated from their homes in both states. While they are trying to make their way back to their homes, we at The Hatfield Inn in Leitchfield are hoping to help by offering a 15% discount to those hurricane victims that make their way to us.

Hurricane Harvey in Texas

One Grayson County man, John McGinnis, took his boat to Texas solely to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and is being called a hero for his selfless act.  He has been teaming up with Danny Engle, a man he met on his way to Houston. McGinnis is a professional fisherman and so he knows his way around water, but not around Houston. He has helped thousands of people evacuate, however, and all of Grayson County should be proud of him.

John McGinnis and Danny Engle

Above left to right, John McGinnis and Danny Engle being interviewed by ABC-TV.

Hurricane Jose

With Hurricane Jose looming, several thousands more people may be displaced in the next week or so.

Hurricane Jose

Remember, most important of all -- stay safe! Get out of the path of these destructive forces of nature!

There are several reasons to stay at The Hatfield Inn if you can get here:

  • We're pet friendly (with a pet fee of $20.00 per pet per night)
  • We serve a full, hot breakfast every morning -- biscuits, gravy, bacon or sausage, eggs or potatoes, pancakes and more!!
  • We have wonderful beds that will comfort your tired, aching body
  • We have a staff of friendly people who are concerned for your every need

So, give us a call at 270-259-0464 and let us surround you with comfort for a day or two. Remember, that's 15% off your stay for hurricane victims when you mention this blog.